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Tito Rapley

USA Central Territory


In the earliest days of The Salvation Army, William Booth’s focus was to win souls. “Go straight for souls and go for the worst.” This attitude led to innovation and ministry that was considered uncommon for the church at that time. Songs such as Champagne Charlie, and other well-known pub songs, were re-written to include Christian lyrics and were used as a tool to inspire worship in a contemporary context.


Tito Rapley, from Chicago (USA Central Territory), is following this heritage by taking his talent and passion for Hip hop music to point others to Christ. Hip-hop is certainly one of the most popular genres that has dominated mainstream music.


“I love performing my spoken word pieces and my Hip-hop pieces because they reach a different crowd. The older generation respects that and sees how it works and that its different.”


The message of Jesus is for everyone and the diversity of our Army is a strength that we need to continue to promote.


“I’m still wrestling with where my place is in ministry through Hip hop. When I was younger, I felt like I had to hide my love of Hip-hop from my church friends. I have been studying recently what sort of music I want to make that will bring glory to God.”

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Through a summer internship program, Tito was able to visit corps on the south and west side of Chicago that have day camp programs. He was able to teach kids about the production of Hip-hop music and share Jesus with them at the same time. Tito says, “I think the Army is in a really good place to see potential in kids. I think that my type of ministry would be really effective in inner city black and brown communities.”


Check out Tito’s Rap music


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