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Worship Set Breakdowns

With clear communication before worship

As part of your team, you need to have someone leading the worship (congregation) and the music (team). These roles can be performed by one person or two people, depending on the comfort level of your group. A music leader and worship leader, if they are not the same person, should work together to plan the worship time by choosing repertoire and planning rehearsals.

Prior to worship, it is important to communicate with your officers/pastors so there is an awareness about different aspects of the service. In times such as an appeal, they may want the musical support of your team as they lead or they may want you to lead the congregation through this time.


Your audio/visual team are an integral part of the worship team as a whole. Working with them before the service will help eliminate technical distractions. Balancing microphones and instruments, as well as checking over lyrics that will be displayed, is just as important as rehearsing the music.


Being able to hear yourself and other musicians in your group is vital. Working with your sound team to have effective monitoring helps the group communicate and work together musically.


Avoid confusion for the congregation by checking that song lyrics match your arrangement and the projected words on screen. If the words can be displayed at the back of the room, singers will not need to look at a stand and can therefore engage more with the congre- gation. Keeping a physical copy of lyrics on your stand is a good backup in case the words on screen fail or are changed incorrectly.

music leader

A music leader needs to indicate tempo, dynamics, the “road map” of the song, and any changes that are being made. They need to be visible to the group and the team members need to commit to watching and following their direction.

worship leader

Worship leaders are responsible for leading the con- gregation through the service. Their responsibilities are mostly in the service itself, but they should be comfort- able working with the music leader before and during the service.

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