Between Two Sacrifices

The section of the Christian calendar between Christmas and Easter is a significant period. Aside from the two key events themselves, we will have had Epiphany, there will be Palm Sunday, and most of the worship services in-between will be framed by the two most monumental sacrifices we know: God sending His Son to earth as a baby and Jesus atoning for our sins on the cross. 


In our worship services, we will travel through Scripture from the birth of Jesus to His death on the cross. We will follow the accounts of His physical journey from Capernaum to Jerusalem. It can be so easy to point just to the “landmark” events of Christmas and Easter as we lead our congregations through this time, but there is much to learn along the way.  


The character of Jesus is understood through the journey that He takes from the Sea of Galilee to Jerusalem. We understand more and more of how to live and how to love one another. The understanding of the new covenant is fully exposed as Jesus makes this journey. 


With our pace of life, we can be so focused on what is coming that we miss the journey that leads us to it. This can be true in our worship leading. We need to encourage our congregations to focus on the lessons that we find along the journey from Christmas to the cross.  


This journey introduces us to, and teaches us about, the covenant that we live under because of Jesus' arrival to complete the covenant that God had with the Israelites. This covenant is sealed with Jesus’ sacrifice for us. But it is in the journey, like we see in the book of Mark, that we understand what the covenant means in our daily lives. 


Let this be an encouragement as you lead your congregation in this season

enjoy the journey