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From Dead Things to Living Witnesses

Recently, I was preparing to lead devotions in my rehearsal, and I read a great quote from Zac Hicks. He said, “Sometimes we must strain through tears and remember that God works with dead things. Dead things even seem to be God’s choice creative raw materials.”

I know I can testify to times where God has shown His power in my ministry, and I was a “dead thing.” I’m not proud of this, but as leaders, we go through times when there is difficulty, and we feel far from God. In those times, the discipline of showing up, giving our best, and leaning on other leaders for support is important. God knows our circumstances and He cares about them. Relying on His power to help us is always the best we can do.


I was struck by the thought of how God chooses to use “dead things.” This is a testament to His power and sovereignty over everything. Even though we are not physically dead, we can become weak, tired, burnt out, even experiencing times of becoming spiritually dead, and we still have to get up and lead our congregation in worship. How exciting that God can, and chooses to, use dead things!


As God shows His awesome power as He uses us, what is our response and responsibility? We need to tap into that power and go from being that “dead thing” that God uses miraculously to someone who understands His ability to use us as we have seen Him at work in our own lives and ministry. We have access to His resurrection power.


Imagine what your worship service, outreach ministry, and personal devotions would look like if you understood and claimed the power that God gives us access to through the Holy Spirit. This power can raise the dead. This power is available to you.

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