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Correct Gain


Correctly setting up your gain structure will make a huge difference to your sound. From reduced hiss in your system to keeping amplifiers and speakers in safe working spaces, correctly setting your gain structure is something of which you need to be aware. 


Here is a quick and easy guide to setting your gain structure correctly.



STEP 1: 

Turn all gain or trim knobs to 0, or as far to the left as they will go. These are usually found at the top of each channel.

STEP 2:  Set all channel faders and the master fader to 0 or unity. At this level, you are not adding any sound or taking any sound away.

STEP 3: Turn up the gain knob until the sound is at an appropriate level. Make sure at the loudest volume (the “Check” of the infamous “Check 1, 2 , 3”) your sound is not peaking or distorting.

turn up gain.png
master at unity.png
gain to 0.png
channel at unity.png

This is a very simplified but effective step to having a great live sound by using correct the gain structure for your sound system.

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