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Evaluating your Worship Set

In general evaluating, critiquing and assesing yourself can be difficult. We evaluate how we lead and our teams “performance” so that we can give our best and be intentional about our service to the congregation. 

There are two main areas of evaluation to be considered after leading worship.

Your Team


  • How did you sound?

  • What went well?

  • Were there any obvious moments where things weren’t working?

  • Did the elements you rehearsed go as well as expected? Is more rehearsal needed?

  • Were transitions effective?

  • Was communication clear and followed by the entire team?

Asking these questions as a team holds everyone accountable to put forward their best effort.

The Congregation

Were they singing?

Did they participate and engage?

Did they look lost or confused?

Can you identify specific moments where something did or didn’t work for them?

Pay attention to your congregation as you lead. Make sure you have your eyes open so you can see. Be an active listener to what you hear. This will help you evaluate the congregation’s reaction and engagement.

You need to develop a healthy working relationship with corps officers/pastors, other leaders and members of the congregation who can assist you in evaluating congregational worship that you have led.


How effective was your pre-planning in ensuring success? Did you communicate with your corps officers/pastors effectively?


Be open to the feedback you are given and discern what will help you to be a better servant leader. Not all feedback is positive, but it may be something we need to hear if we have not done our best.


Hearing from others will help you to understand a different perspective and provide you with ideas on how to make improvements in your leadership. You should be constantly trying to do this for yourself, your group and the congregation.

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