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Getting Volunteers

Getting volunteers


Many of our ministries depend on volunteers. They are the building blocks of what we do, and at times, it can be a challenge to get enough people to partner with us in ministry. One of the biggest challenges can be communication. How do we let people know what we need? Perhaps as a leader you feel shy about coming forward and asking for help, but we need to remind ourselves of Matthew 7:7 that says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” People process information differently, so here are five strategies that can help you communicate more effectively about potential opportunities to volunteer.


1 Social media

Interacting regularly with your church through social media is a great way to stay connected throughout the week. Use your social media platforms to let your congregation know about available ministry positions that need to be filled.



2 Website videos

Videos can also be posted on social media platforms depending on length. Create a tab on your website that is labelled volunteers. This is a place where longer and more in-depth videos can be posted about specific volunteer opportunities. Outline the roles and responsibilities/expectations for being part of the team.



3 Interest night

Have an open rehearsal where people can come and join in to see how rehearsals run for a musical group. Give people a chance to see what goes into putting a Sunday worship service together from a technical/audio/visual perspective. Give individuals a taste of what it could be like to be involved in these areas of ministry.



4 Job fair

This could be for the entire congregation and not just limited to worship ministry. Set up a job fair in the foyer or gym and allow people to see what positions are available for volunteers. Have leaders there to answer questions and extend invitations to events like an interest night.



5 Church announcements or bulletin

Add a “Roles and Holes” section to the bulletin, announcement reel, or email communication where opportunities can be highlighted. This will help people see the various areas of need. Refresh this section regularly. Even if the announcement remains the same, find a way to communicate it differently whether through a change in font or graphics so it becomes eye catching and appears new to the reader. 

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