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Global Connection

South America West Territory

Article By Catherine Herrera, Coordinator of the Office of Music and Creative Arts

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God endowed each of us with gifts and talents according to our abilities with which we can worship Him, but God’s worship is something that He created. Regardless of the instrument we use or the group to which we belong, our desire to get closer to God must be reflected at all times. 


Although the band is the Salvation Army’s traditional and historical group, in more recent days, we can say that the praise group is just as important in promoting God’s worship.


The Praise Ministry, or Electronic Assembly, is the most developed worship resource in the ministry units of the South America West Territory.

We believe that it is an attractive way for young people to see the great manifestation of God in our lives. 

In the different ministry units, we can see that there are drums, acoustic guitar, bass, piano and voices.  In other places, brass instruments, electric guitar, and synthesizers are added.


In Chile, the brass bands have been united with the Praise Ministry thanks to the Praise Pak portion of Hallelujah Choruses.

Recently, the Ecuador Division highlights the Praise Ministry group by including it as a mandatory class at its divisional camp. 


This year, the Music and Creative Arts Territorial Office wants to implement material from Canada and Bermuda’s Music and Gospel Arts Department and their Worship Together material. For leaders of Praise Ministry, this will be a tool and guide to achieve the mission for which God endowed us with talents.

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At the recent Territorial Music Institute  held in Santiago, we had a special visit from Ronnie Murchinson of the USA Southern Territory, who led us to more efficient and real worship. He helped us in how to form the group and how to take worship to the next level, understanding it goes beyond just playing an instrument or standing up to sing. 

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Also, Indigenous culture is represented in Corps throughout our Territory as part of worship, including flutes, bass drums and charangos.                


 1 Peter 4:10

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Please pray for Catherine Hererra as she leads the South America West Territorial Music and Creative Arts Department, that she would be able to raise up leaders to serve that territory as they worship Him.

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