Social distancing protocols mean that we are not able to meet in our churches for worship. Worship services have moved online and worship leaders and teams are recording themselves leading worship and posting to social media and websites for their congregations. You may want to do the same, but you think to yourself; I don’t have a studio or the money to buy all the gear. You don’t necessarily need it all. 


A lot of people are recording on their smart phones, and if this is the way that you can resource your community with worship, then that is a good start. While the video quality is often out of our control, with variable internet speeds and connections, the sound quality is often poor through a phone. The microphones built into smart phones are very small and intended to clearly pick up subjects who are talking into them from very close range. If you want to help with the quality of your recordings, the first thing you can get t is a microphone. Adding just a microphone gives you the biggest return on your investment for producing videos from your smartphone. You can also add a tripod, lenses or lights to further enhance your recording.

There is a huge variety or microphones that you can use to get better quality audio into your phone. A lot of them clip onto the phone or a mount in which the phone sits. There are a few that have been highly recommended in many of the sites that SAWM researched.




On the pricey end, there is the Shure MV88. 

On the more affordable end for good quality, try the iRig Mic Cast.


We are not going to review these microphones here becasue we don’t have acess to  them. but there are plenty of reviews online.


These mics are specifically designed for phone use but you can use any microphone designed for use on video cameras or DSLR cameras if you have TRS to TRRS converter.


When you look at the plug for your headphones you can see that it has three rings. Most camera microphones only have two. This converter, the Rode SC4, can allow you to plug a camera microphone into your smart phone (you may need other adapters eg. Lightning bolt to 3.5mm for apple phones).


Adding an external microphone to your smartphone recording setup is a cost effective way to improve the overall quality of your recordings. There are a huge range of products available, so dig around and find something you like.