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Recently, I tried to teach my phone number to my young daughter. At meal times, bed time, or play time, I would encourage her to repeat it to me over and over again. One day on a walk, a simple idea came to my mind, so I sang my phone number to a little impromptu melody. By the time we rounded a block or two, she could sing it with me. When I asked her to repeat my phone number later, she knew it. 


In University, I remember having to learn atonal melodies for vocal class exams. It wasn’t fun. While most of us floundered through it, one classmate had the simple but brilliant idea to apply words to every melody. He aced the exam.


These illustrations show how words to music can stick with us. This is why it is so important to include sound Christian theology and Salvationist doctrine in our worship music. The truths of the Bible will remain in our hearts and minds as we sing those words over and over to music. A publication like Salvation Worship will provide an opportunity for Salvationist songwriters to share their God-inspired text and music with congregations around the world.


As musicians in the Salvation Army, we have always been called to use our music to spread the gospel message. Our Salvation Army Song Book is often referred to as “our sung theology.” While every songwriter whose words are part of the song book are not necessarily Salvationists, the selected songs have always expressed our fundamental Christian beliefs and Army principles. As worship music has expanded in recent years with many songwriters sharing their music, there have been several beautiful expressions of worship through these new songs. There is something even more special about music that also acknowledges our values as Salvationists. It unifies us as a Christian movement and inspires us to continue reaching the lost, no matter who or where they are, and share with them the saving grace of God’s love.

Building on our heritage

& adding new voices

Using the songs written for the 2020 SAWM Songs Search the Music and Gospel Arts Department are moving forward with a brand-new publication, Salvation Worship. The publication will create an avenue for songs wirtten by Salvationist songwriters to be shared to corps around the world. 

Published twice a year

Initially 5-7 songs will be published twice a year from songs selected in the SAWM Song Search. We hope and pray that this will grow and that eventually writers will be able to share songs more frequently than just in the rounds of SAWM Song Search.




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What will be published?

For each song there will 

be a FREE downloadable

Lead Sheet

Chord Chart

Lyric Video


Also available for purchase will be 

Fully notated piano score

Brass Pack  - full band pad

             and shot brass parts

Extra Resources

Housed on our website will also be extra resources that will assist when leading congregations and worship teams. These will be Scripture references that can be used for each song, rehearsal tips and techniques and devotional material for each song.

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