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Salvation Worship Volume 3 is now available! 


We are pleased to release five new songs to be used in your worship setting. This volume has a strong influence from the United Kingdom with songs contributed by Dominique Bradley, Dan Elson, and Nik King and John and Natalie Hanchett, all of whom are Salvationists from the UK and Republic of Ireland Territory. A mix of original music and reimagined song book and church hymns, there are songs that we know will be useful to you no matter what scenario you find yourself in for corporate worship. This project was once again recorded across the Army world with talented musicians from seven territories who contributed to the project.

Take My Life (I Am Yours) blends the familiar lyrics of the well-known hymn with an original chorus. It is centered on the commitment to surrendering our lives to God, no matter what circumstances we may face.

Written by: Laura Rowsell

Performed by: Laura Rowsell

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Immeasurably More 300x300.jpg

Immeasurably More is a cry from God’s people that we are here to do His will in the world, but we acknowledge that it is through God’s power and with His leading that we go out.

Written by: Dan Elson

Performed by: Charlie Green

Fall On Me is reminiscent of a chorus from the back of the song book that would have been sung at the end of a Holiness meeting. It speaks of our earnest desire for the Holy Spirit to fill us again. 

Written by: Natalie & John Hanchett

Performed by: Shalini Danielson

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Where Heaven Meets Earth 300x300.jpg

Where Heaven Meets Earth is a modern hymn that journeys through God’s presence with His people from the meeting of God and Moses on Mount Sinai to the Holy Spirit dwelling among us today. 

Written by: Dominique Bradley

Performed by: Judith Switters

O to Be Like Thee! re writes the song book song of the same name and focuses on Jesus’ character and our desire to be more like our Saviour.

Written by: Nicholas King 

Performed by: Jude St. Aime

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