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This is a call out to Salvationist songwriters. At SA Worship Magazine, we want to hear from you! We want to energize and revitalize our corps with NEW worship songs written by Salvationists for Salvationists. These can be new melodies put to the rich lyrics of our Songbook or totally original content.

Here is what you need to know:


Submit songs to


Friday September 5, 2023


Please include the following when

you submit your song(s):

Full name

Contact information


Lyric sheet (arranged in the format of the song)

Song recording

Lead sheet and/or chord chart (if possible) 

(written music is not mandatory but greatly appreciated)

SA Worship Magazine’s Song Search is back again! We are looking for new songs to publish in Volumes 7 & 8 of Salvation Worship in 2024.


The goal of the Song Search is to provide Salvationist writers with an avenue to share their songs and have them published for congregational worship around the world. The Psalms exhort us to “sing to the Lord” and we want to encourage the singing of a “new song.”


This new song comes from our new and vibrant experience with God each day.


We want to publish music that is suited to congregational worship. This means that songs should be congregation-friendly and filled with lyrics that express praise and worship to our God, and lyrics that teach us of His character and remind us of His goodness. We have seen several writers go back to the Salvation Army Song Book, finding ways to give new life musically to lyrics that are so rich and meaningful. We have equally been blessed by original songs that have been submitted.


Salvation Worship aims to produce high quality resources for corps with varying levels of musical support. Songs that are chosen for publication will be recorded and lyric videos will be produced. Published music for each song will be made available for all types of Salvation Army musicians and worship leaders to support their congregation.

To see and listen to the resources that are already available from previous volumes, please go to our website at

Songs that are selected from SAWM Song Search

will be published in Salvation worship during 2024. The resources that will be produced from selected songs are:


Lead sheet          Lyric Video                 Punch Brass

Chord Chart        Devotional Material    Brass Pads

Piano Chart        Multi track Stems       Backing Track

Choral Chart


All resources will be shared through

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