This is a call out to Salvationist songwriters. At SA Worship Magazine, we want to hear from you! We want to energize and revitalize our corps with NEW worship songs written by Salvationists for Salvationists. These can be new melodies put to the rich lyrics of our Songbook or totally original content.

Here is what you need to know:


Submit songs to


Friday September 4, 2020


Submissions can be written music 

and/or audio recordings. 

Written music is not a necessity. 


Lyrics must be sent as a PDF 

or Word document.


Include your name and contact information

as well as your Corps, Division 

and Territory. 

In our last edition, Commissioner Floyd Tidd said that:


“We, as a movement, have been gifted with music and we have always been a contemporary music worship movement even from the earliest days of using, or taking, contemporary tunes and putting words that give the message of gospel, words of devotion, against those tunes. Instrumentation that was contemporary to the day was part of our worship and embraced from the beginning within The Salvation Army. I think we stand on the brink of an opportunity to embrace all of that even further.”


At SA Worship Magazine, we agree with the Commissioner and, in an attempt to “embrace all of that even further,” SA Worship Magazine is going to be running a song search. The songs we are looking for are ones that can be used in our corps and ministry units all over the Army world. The Salvation Army is involved in so many different ministries around the world and worship looks different in all of those places. There are also things that bind us as The Salvation Army, no matter where we are. Commissioner Tidd made mention of what will help guide our selection of songs:

“I think that we need to continue to encourage writers, Salvation Army writers, who understand a Wesleyan Salvation Army perspective on Scripture and the world in which we live, and the mission that is uniquely Salvation Army.”


We want songs that point people to praise and worship God but are also statements of our commitment to His mission. This is what some of our great Salvation Army songs of the past have included, and although we want to bring the melodies and instrumentation into a modern setting, we want that passion for the “Heart to God and Hand to Man” that has been evident in our musical heritage to remain.

“Saying [in our worship music]’ God, we are committed to Your mission.’ This becomes a sung commitment back to God rather than just a praise of God.“


Songs that are selected will have their music: 

- typeset and published 

- recorded 

- made freely available for anyone to download and use at

SA Worship magazine is a cooperative project that has contributors from around The Salvation Army World. If you would like more information on how you can contribute, Please write to your local Territorial Worship Representative.

Editor: Simon Gough - Canada And Bermuda Territory 

Music Type Setting: Nik King - United Kingdom and  Republic of Ireland Territory

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