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Meet Shalini Danielson

Pasadena Tabernacle Corps

Los Angeles 

USA Western Territory


Worship Specialist in the California South Division

What are the highlights of your journey as a worship leader?

Some of the highlights of my journey would be my identity process of being a daughter of King Jesus. Another highlight is the ongoing relationship/dialogue I have with the Holy Spirit; the revelation that I am His beloved and He is mine. 


What is your new role?

I am the Worship Specialist at the California South Division. I’ve been given the responsibility and stewardship of walking alongside our worship leaders in my division through discipleship, mentorship and creating spaces of worship for our leaders. 


What excites you about your new role?

What excites me are the stories and backgrounds of every worship leader I get to do life with. It is my joy to listen to their life testimony of God’s faithfulness and goodness. I love seeing 


them the way God sees them and partnering with the Holy Spirit to empower them into greater intimacy with the Father.


How do you see worship playing an integral role in the life of corps in your division?

I think that worship is the gateway to breakthrough. The greater the worship, the greater the intimacy with Jesus. If communion with Jesus is the goal in life, I think that worship is what holds all the cards to true communion with Jesus.  Worship is an atmosphere we carry throughout our life, and to remind brothers and sisters that we get to do this for eternity is the reality. We are Kingdom citizens and if that’s what they do up there, then let’s do it down here too! 


Anything else you want people to know?

We are sons and daughters of the King. We live in the Kingdom and that is our home. Let’s operate from that lifestyle and lineage. Also, do life with the greatest helper - the Holy Spirit. Keep asking the Holy Spirit questions about anything and everything. He loves talking to us and being in conversation with His children.  

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