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Katie Fuentes

Northridge CC

Canada & Bermuda Territory 


Youth Creative 


Ontario Division

What is your new role?

I am the Ontario Divisional Youth Creative Coordinator. Youth 

Creative is a new ministry of The Salvation Army Ontario Division

Youth Department that represents and supports the collective of youth choirs, bands, worship teams, production, and creative arts groups throughout the division. It is a community of young people who want to grow in their relationship with Christ as they develop their talents and use them to serve and minister to others. 


In my role, I also plan special events such as Youth Creative Conference (ages 14-25) and Youth Creative Camp (ages 10-14). I’m really looking forward to gathering with youth and young adults across Ontario and encouraging them in their faith and creativity. 


What excited you about this position?

Youth Ministry and Creative Ministry are two of my biggest passions and it’s been amazing to see how God has brought them together. I’ve been excited to build upon the already strong music ministry in The Salvation Army and to create space for all kinds of creative gifts. I think about those youth who have felt like they didn’t have a place in church, and I hope that this community allows them to know they belong. The new production team is exciting because it’s one of the greatest needs in our church. We have the opportunity to provide training and support for youth in this area so that they can go back to their church and serve their community. 



How do you see worship playing an integral role in the life of the youth that you will be working with and their communities?

Many of our youth may see worship as the music we play on a Sunday morning. Although that is a part of worship, I want to encourage them to live a life of worship. I want them to ask themselves, “What has God placed in my hands and how can I use it to worship Him and serve others?” If God has given me the gift of photography, maybe I can use it to capture special moments at church that encourage someone to be in the room, or if He has given me the gift of songwriting, I can use it to put prayers and powerful declarations in the mouths of people who are going through a hard season. There are so many ways to worship God and I’m excited to see how our youth begin to build the church in fresh, God-glorifying ways.  

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