Salvationist Publishing and Supplies (SP&S) is the official supplier in the UK of music, books, clothing and gifts to help provide resources for The Salvation Army for their mission, witness and worship. SP&S also runs a record label to support and showcase Salvation Army music groups. Although historically the majority of output has been band and songster recordings, SP&S has a desire to support the growing outlet for contemporary worship in the UK and Republic of Ireland territory.


As well as making all new album releases available on global distribution sites such as iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, at SP&S we also host our own digital audio download platform - SPSTunes. SPSTunes allows us to offer recordings of all your favourite Salvation Army music in a high quality format of your choice. The main difference between our site and iTunes etc is the quality at which you can access our music. Our albums are available as mp3 files via the distributors mentioned above but this is a lossy format which compresses the music to make the file size smaller. Although theoretically this is meant to be unnoticeable, it can lead to cymbals, guitars and reverb sounding less than perfect. In contrast, the high quality FLAC and ALAC formats which SPSTunes provide alongside mp3 mean you can download audio in at least CD quality, if not better!

Other benefits of our dedicated download site include being able to access the album artwork digitally so you can find lyrics, composers and information about performers. SPSTunes is also the only place to find our entire back catalogue of recordings including albums which have long since sold out of physical stock. There is also no outside company taking a percentage of the sales before it comes back to SP&S and The Salvation Army.


One of the most exciting aspects of this platform for us as a record label is being able to support the development of new artists within The Salvation Army without bring restricted to the CD format. An example of this is the worship band Meraki who we have recorded two singles with, one cover song Faith and an original track, He’s My Guide. Both are available from iTunes but from SPSTunes you can have the high resolution studio quality file.