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Use streaming to teach the congregation new songs


Streaming music has become common place in society and is now pretty simple. You can stream from a variety of platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube. I use Spotify. 


I mainly use the playlists for songs that we may be doing at Youth Councils, Corps Cadet Retreat, or other special events, but have recently decided to use it for our Corps as well. I am careful to not put too many new songs in there, so there is a good mix of new songs and songs we’ve done over the past year. I do not put songs in there I know the congregation already knows. After that, I choose one new song to teach the congregation a month and will do it three of the four Sundays in the month. Our big focus right now is heading into Easter, so by the time Easter rolls around, in addition to more traditional hymns and songs, we’ll have at least 3 more newer songs that have a great Easter message. 


Follow these instructions to  make a playlist:

  • In Spotify, click New Playlist 

  • Search for songs you want.

  • At the end of the song title you selected, click on the three dots (…). That should show more if you hold it there.

  • Click Add to playlist and choose the playlist in which you want the song to go.

  • After you’re done creating your playlist, next to the Play button on the playlist itself, you’ll see a circle with three dots in it. Click on the circle, and hit Share .You can choose the social media platform to share it on. 

  • Find a video you want and click on Save.

  • After that, click the playlist in which you want to save it.

  • Once you’re done, go to Library on the left and scroll down to Playlists.

  • Once you found the playlist, click on View Full Playlist.

  • After that, click the arrow button that is Share and share it to your desired social media platform. 

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