Worship in all things

I was driving home the other evening, it was late and my son had gone to sleep as movement of the car had rocked smoothly as soon as we hit the highway. My daughter was not asleep and was singing, we let her know that it was “quiet time” because her brother was asleep and she also should have been many hours before. My daughter loves to sing; she sings songs she learns in class, worship songs from church and she is an avid song writer. She will start singing a worship song we have just started doing at church and will repeat the hook of the song over and over and once she forgets the lyrics or the melody she just fills it in with her own lines and lyrics. This is a constant source of joy for my wife and I, and it reminded me of something very important. 


We need to worship in all things…


My daughter had been sitting quietly in that car trip but wasn’t going to sleep like her brother had done. Almost unconsciously, she began softly singing the worship song Yes I Will by Vertical Church. 



“Yes I will sing for joy when my heart is heavy.

For all my days, yes I will.


I choose to praise to glorify, glorify

the name above all names…”


It was repeated over and over. Besides the intense cute factor, I found this lyric coming from the mouth of a 5 year old to be extremely challenging. Do I always “sing for joy when my heart is heavy?” Do I remind the congregations I am leading that they need to praise through all the circumstances of life. Do the songs that I ask them to sing acknowledge the range of emotions we experience at any given time and also point them to the God who is in all of these circumstances with them.


No matter how we feel or what we are experiencing, God is worthy of our praise. 

2 Corinthians 1:3-4. Habakkuk 3:17-18. Psalm 63:1. Acts 16:25.  Isaiah 25:1.


Once my daughter had repeated the section of Yes I will that she could remember, the song writing began. She started composing praise of her own, thanking God for people in our family, for people and things that are precious to her and then she paused. It seemed that she had exhausted her list. But then she sang in a melody all of her own


“Thank you God for just… everything, because you are everything”


I want to be the kind of leader that helps people to see and acknowledge the God that is in control and is sovereign over all of their lives. I need to live that in my own life before I can lead people there. And I thank God for a little girl who taught me that lesson.