As worship services go digital, here is a guide to where you can find the latest offerings from some of the territorial worship teams around the world. 

The Singing Company from the USA Central Territory has probably been the most active, hosting regular online hymn sings.


Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 3.13.47 PM.png

From the Netherlands and recently featured in SAWM, Boundless have posted two professional videos that look and sound great. Definitely worth watching!

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Guitar Players of the Salvation Army (a page on Facebook) is worth checking out as many worship teams from the UK are posting weekly worship songs here. It also includes a lot of discussion and sharing of resources.

Unbound (USA Eastern Territory) has released two videos in this time of lockdown which are part of a greater worship playlist on their Facebook page. Cornerstone and Risen are the two newest songs but this is a playlist that is full of great tracks, including some from their rooftop worship night.

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NEON (Canada and Bermuda Territory) have launched their Smartphone Sessions. A cover of Raise a Hallelujah and Great Are You Lord are posted. Keep a look out for more to come.

transMission (USA Southern Territory) has released the first track from their upcoming album. The lyric video for their original song Unfailing God is now available. In true transMission style, you can already find the chart, multitrack stems and instrument tracks for this song at their new website.

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