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Being Intentional

Practical training for new worship leaders

As we look to train new worship leaders, we are aware of the potential challenges they may face. As a leader, one of the best ways to learn is through practical experience, but what if somebody isn’t quite ready yet? How do we help them lead rehearsals with their team and provide a worship experience for their congregation in a way that helps them develop and improve as a leader? 


Worship Together: A Practical Guide for Worship Leaders and F.L.O.W: A Skill Development Tool for Worship Leaders are two resources that are designed to help new leaders hone their skills. These resources not only assist with a theoretical understanding but also provides practical ways to think about and plan out different aspects of leadership. 


Arranging can be one of the most difficult tasks for a worship leader, but it is one of the most vital components to improving the way a team sounds. Below, you will see some links from the F.L.O.W. resource. This is an example of a resource that could be provided to a new leader to help them along their leadership journey. 


Step 1: Ask them to come up with a plan for a particular song and work through the pages provided. By doing this, you give them the time to go away and think about their arrangement, then formalize it on paper. 


Step 2: Meet with the new leader and walk through the pages with them. Ask questions about the decisions they have made and get them to share their decision-making process. Work with them on how they will communicate this to their team. 


Step 3: Let the leader take the team through the song as they have planned. Afterwards, get feedback from them on how they thought it went. Share how you thought it went.  


This is a fairly easy process to go through and this showcases the type of training and preparation that we should be offering to new leaders for them to succeed. There will be times when new leaders make mistakes. This is inevitable but if we can support them and train them in some of the best practices for worship leading, hopefully mistakes will become fewer and further between. 

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